Cache Types

Bellow is a short guide to what types of caches there are and what size you might expect to come across,
or buy if you are planning on setting up your own.

There are 4 main sizes of a cache, nano’s been the smallest then going up to large. The table gives an
indication and an example of each type along with the symbol used on the website.



Micro – Typically less than 100ml.

Examples include a 35 mm film canister, a bison tube or very small plastic container. They should contain a logbook or a log sheet.

Also under micro and becoming more popular for urban caches is the nano. This is less then 10ml in size and would normally only hold a small log sheet. Plastic Eppendorf tubes.


Small – between 100ml and 1L.

An example would be a plastic clip box, or a plastic jar. These would typically have a log book and pencil in them and depending on the size some small swaps.


Regular – Between 1L and 20L.

Examples of this size can be an ammo can a plastic lunch box. I have even seen a tool box been used full of books. Again these would have logbook and pencil in them and a variety of swaps and sometimes a trackable.


Large – They start 20L and above.

These large caches can be any thing from a bucket to an oil drum to something that’s has been hand built for the job. They would have in them the logbook and normally some swap’s.